Activities and surrounding


The village Ekshärad is situated 9 km from the campsite. You can also go by bike along beautiful roads to Ekshärad, we do have some maps for this.

In Ekshärad you will find two supermarkets. One of them (ICA) also has a restaurant which features breakfast buffet or daily hot lunch with real Swedish food. You will also find a number of other eateries and shops, such as pizzerias, a sports shop, a fish and leisure shop, a handicraft shop and a gift shop. It is possible to play some mini golf in Ekshärad. There is a mini golf course in the village where you can also take a coffee break.

The village host folk museum (hembygdsgård Ekshärad) that holds a couple of small handicraft shops during the summer season. The hembygdsgård is located opposite the beautiful wooden church of Ekshärad. This church dates from 1686 and is decorated with shingles. Next to this church you will find a graveyard that is know for its forged metal gravestones. The church and graveyard are open every day.

If you are up for it, you can take a walk up Ekesberget, where you can enjoy a beautiful view.

Utsikt från Eksesberget
Hembygdsgård Ekshärad
Ekshärads kyrka från wikipedia
Ekshärad mini golf Värmland Hagfors kommun

Close surroundings

You can hike directly from the campsite where you can walk up Stakberg on an old gravel path or just wander through the forest. Maybe you will see some animal trails or even the animals themselves during your walk.

Do keep in mind that these are not official hiking paths, so a compass can be useful. 

You can also go on a tour with your mountainbike around the campsite and along the lake Gröcken. This is not a offical mountainbike tour, but we have made a map you can use.

älgbajs i skogen Solberg Hult
cykla mountainbike runt camping
Gröcken badplats Ekshärad

At a distance of less than 3 km from the campsite you will find the lake Gröcken with official bathing place. Here you will find a picknick and bbq spot, a dressing room and a toilet. The water starts rather shallow which is great for the little ones as well. 

When you drive 1,5 km to the south from the campsite you will come across the lake Grängen. Here you will also find a picknick and bbq spot and this lake is also used a lot for fishing. The water here is deeper and it has a boat entry. 

One of our neighbours is a knife maker. His workshop, where he crafts the knives all by hand and sells them, is just over half a km from our campsite. Keep in mind that you can not pay by card.

Felix Wendt knivmakare

Nearest cities


The campsite is situated in the municipality of Hagfors. Hagfors is also the largest city in this municipality. 

In the center of Hagfors you will find some shops, restaurants and an indoor swimmingpool. Just outside the center of Hagfors you will find Hagfors Hembygdsgård with a flea market (loppis) and a small lunchroom. You can also drive or walk upp Värmullsåsen where you can enjoy the view over Hagfors municipality from the observation tower.

Järnvagsmuseet och Dressin

It is nice to visit the railway museum where you can also take a tour on the old railway on special bikes. This tour goes till Stjärnsfors and back again.

Järnvägsmuseum Hagfors
Dressin Hagfors
Badplats Kollsberg Torsby
Skidtunnel Torsby


The city Torsby is located 30 km west from the campsite. This city borders the long lake called Övre Fryken. In and around the centre of Torsby you will find some shops, restaurants and an indoor swimmingpool.

Torsby is most know for the skidtunnel (indoor cross country ski tunnel), but a visit to Hembygsgården Kollsberg with its own bathing place nearby Torsby Fordonmuseum (automuseum) in the Herrgårdsparken is also worth a visit.


The city Sunne is located a little further from the campsite, about 60 km away.  Sunne focusses a little more on tourism and therefore has much to offer. It can be really nice to spend a day here.

You will find a decent number of shops and restaurants here. Rottneros Park is definitely worth a visit. It is a unique garden and sculpture park with a couple of playgrounds for kids as well. The park is based on the Ekeby gård of the Gösta Berlings saga by Selma Lagerlöf.

On the way to Sunne you can also make a stop at Tossebergsklätten. This is a 343m high mountain with a beautiful view. It is possible to drive all the way to the top and park there. On the top you will find a small handicraftshop and a restaurant.

Sunne Sommarland

In Sunne you will find the great waterpark Sunne Sommarland. The park holds many pools and slides and other attractions. The park is open during the holiday season from June 24th until the end of August. 

Sunne Sommarland
Tossebergsklätten Sunne

To see


Within 60 km from the campsite we have two beautiful waterfalls. First, at about 25 km from the campsite you will find Brattfallet and at about 55 km from the campsite there is Fämtfallet.

Brattfallet is a 10 m high waterfall with a deep canyon and is situated in a nature reserve with several hiking trails that differ in distance between 1 km till 7 km. 

Fämtfallet is a 44 m high waterfall. In the canyon you will find a place where you can swim. This waterfall is also situated in a nature reserve with different hiking trails from around 7 km in length.  

Värmlands Älgpark Ekshärad Mooseworld

Moose World 

Värmlands Älgpark Mooseworld is located about 12 km from the campsite.

Here you can learn everything there is about the King of the Swedish forests. You can come close to these magnificent animals and even feed them if you like.  

Click here to book a tour at Värmlands Älgpark Mooseworld.

To do

Canoeing and kayaking

Regardless of whether you just want to do a short trip with kids or a multi-day trip by yourself, Klaräven Kanot can help you with this. They rent out different types of canoes and kayaks and they will drop you and the equipment off and pick you up again if needed. 

Paddla kanot på klarälven Ekshärad
Hästridning Our Little Farm

Horseback riding

Would you like to enjoy the nature that Värmland has to offer on horseback? This is possible even if you do not have any riding experience. Or what about taking a swim with horses. Take a look at Our Little Farm for the opportunities. 

Outdoor activities

At Outdoorcenter Värmland you can book many different outdoor activities even for several days for the whole family. They offer activities like viking games, guided survivaltrail, bushcraft, geocaching, treasure hunt by canoe and they even rent out mountainbikes.

Get in contact for the possibilities.

Outdoorcenter Värmland