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Solberg Hults Camping

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Welcome to everyone who wants to experience a holiday in the middle of Swedish nature.

Everyone is welcome on our minicamping!
Traveling with the whole family by caravan, traveling together with a tent or do you travel alone with your motorhome? Everyone is welcome and can choose a place on our lawns or in the forest.

At the campsite you will find a small sanitary building with a toilet, a shower and a small fully equipped kitchen. We also have open fire areas and a playground for children.

No problem if you want to say hello to our animals, we have a cat, several chickens and four sheep on our property.

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to rent

In need of camping equipment?

If you want the experience of staying on a campsite, but you don't own any camping equipment... No problem, it is possible to rent one of our two fully equipped caravans. This way it is possible for you to get the experience without having to bring all the stuff yourself.

We rent out a small caravan for 2 up to 4 people or a larger caravan for the whole family up to 5 people.

It is also possible to rent bed linen and towels, so you only need to bring your own clothes with you on your holliday.

See and do

There is so much to see and to do near the campsite and the direct municipalities.

You will find many beautiful lakes for swimming or fishing, two nature reserves (with a waterfall) and cities you can visit. If you like a more active holiday you can book activities like canoeing or horseback riding. 

Activities and surrounding